“Sharing a pot of tea invites us to pause the world and enjoy just being together.  As we pour the into each cup, something magical happens - a promise that the next few moments we will enjoy feeling how very much more we do have in common with each other than when we seemed to have had — just a few minutes ago.” — Mark Johnson

Julie is our cruise director, muse and the tea-de-force behind Buzzard Tea.   Her passion for tea goes back many years when she began making tea blends for the family and for gifts to friends. That turned into a constant requests by those friends for more of Julie‘s amazing teas from a growing catalog of recipes. Before long the tea requests grew into a nice little teahouse in Indiana which was a  delightful adventure and it lasted until life took Julie to Arizona is a beautiful city of Sedona. The passion for tea making never left Julie and it is the beauty of the Arizona desert was the inspiration for the name  Rather then open another Tea house, this time Julie’s passions led to building an online store to reach more people and to share Julie‘s passion for exotic teas with a much wider audience. We hope you enjoy our teas and we welcome your comments and suggestions.  We hope to hear from you anytime you have something you’d like to share with us, or just to say hello!   Cheers !